Who Is This?

portrait, low key, photography

Photo by: Samantha White

Anna Sklavos is a young up and coming photographer, based out of Toronto Ontario, Canada. Focusing mostly on portraits, music and promotional photography. Anna has shot live images for local Toronto bands and musicians and continues to shoot with Break Loose Entertainment while also covering more global bands with The Heavy Press.

While shooting for The Heavy Press Anna has covered band’s ranging from Taylor Momsen’s The Pretty Reckless to well known local talent such as Die Mannequin and Kittie.

She has done promotional shots for a few local bands and Toronto based short films.

An array of her images have also been featured in the Greek Canadian newspaper, Evdomada; covering various dinners, concerts and fundraising events within the Greek Community Of Toronto.

A great person and easy to work with, constantly open to ideas and discussing. She is willing to do anything that is required to achieve the customer’s vision. Anna has a great skill set and brings a professional and understanding attitude to her shoots. She is passionate about her work and Anna will always make sure that her best is put forward to satisfy the clients needs and requests.

Currently equipped with her dark creative mind Anna is ready to step forth into the world of creative imagery, whether it is with photography or video.


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