MISFITS | Phoenix Concert Theatre

Since my WordPress is up and running I might as well spam you guys with the work of done for this awesome site. Maybe convince ya’ll to check it out.

How about some Horror Punk? MISFITS!



The world famous punk band, Misfits, made their way to the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on October 4th- in what felt like perfect timing with Halloween being just around the corner. Misfits were supported by locals acts: Tequila Mocking Bird, IVS, The House Of Haunt & Frenemy.

The wardrobe for the evening consisted of multiple generations of cut-up and personalized Misfits apparel, as we saw t-shirts, vests, sweaters, hats and whatever else you can think of through-out the crowd. Young and old fans were stoked to see the band, whether it was your 30th time or your first, or even if you managed to catch Danzig in Toronto during the summer- the anticipations were all high.

The major build-up of the evening was wondering what was underneath the covered set that took up most of the stage. You just knew that they had something crazy up…

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