How about some info on me?

Hello blogging world. This is my…well technically second official post on my blog. Although I briefly touched on who I am and what I do in my vlog I thought I might as well go into a bit more detail with this post.

So, in case you didn’t know already my name is Anna Sklavos. I also go by Annie Slaughter and a variety of other nicknames (Anna Banana, L’anana, Bananers, Banana Slamma e.t.c). I’m 22 years old and currently enrolled in Durham College’s Digital Photography course, I also plan on bridging into the video course once I am finished with photo (might as well get involved in every aspect of my passion and the industry). This is actually my second time attending Durham College. I was previously enrolled in the Graphic Design course (that didn’t really work out too well). I have to say this time around things are working much better for me.

Photography has been a passion of mine for quite some time, I remember always being fascinated by the photos I would see in magazines on CD’s and even movie posters. I’ve been taking pictures ‘professionally’ since 2009.

I know it’s rare but yes I have shot with film, back in high school and to be honest…I loved it. I’ve stuck to it and have shot a large sum of local bands, mostly within Toronto but I’ve been out of town for a couple shows.

I recently started to shoot for a blog that goes by the name of The Heavy Press, with them I have been able to cover quite a few more international bands. Although The Heavy Press has just started out they are fairing very well and I would definitely recommend checking them out. Some of their reviews and coverage are amazing!


(all the above photos can be seen at along with all the opening bands and a few more galleries of my images)

Back to me. I have a passion for music and I am currently in a band as a bassist and backing vocalist. I also play guitar and drums and I also drummed in punk band for a few years. One of the reasons I love band photography so much is because I get to combine two of my loves, photography and music. The feeling is awesome and I love it.

I don’t necessarily want to stick to bands, I also greatly enjoy portraits especially the very creative ones. I really like putting together dark themes and having my art appreciated and understood, while wow-ing my viewers. I want to people to approach me for the images I take and not for the sole fact that I have expensive things that make a photo look good.

Anyways, I went on a minuscule rant for a moment. In the end, just to wrap things up, I want my art to be noticed. I want to be approached for my style of work. I also love music, gaming and film.

Keep your eyes posted. This might start getting updated more regularly, perhaps more video blogs and ranting. We’ll see how things go. Hope this wasn’t too boring of a read.



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